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In addition to the items listed, the Hoover Institution Library holds microfilm copies of over 350 archival and manuscript collections held privately or at other repositories. A part of them pertains to such subjects as the Communist International and communist parties of Europe in the interwar period, the eastern front in World War II, the Russian Civil War, Russian German relations 1914–20, Central Asian history, Russian-Persian/Iranian relations, the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, the Menshevik movement, the occupation of Lithuania, foreign students In the USSR, the Romanov family, the Russian unit of the American Relief Administration, the Soviet economy, the Shakhta affair, 1928, prominent Germans in the USSR in 1944, and Soviet internal affairs in the 1930s. Some of these items are records from the National Archives and various U.S. governmental agencies. All of the microfilmed collections are listed in the Guide to the Hoover Institution Archives by Charles G. Palm and Dale Reed.

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