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There are unpublished reports, calendars, or inventories for almost all of these holdings. In addition, various issues of the Huntington Library Bulletin, Norma Cuthbert's Huntington Library Lists (1951), and Herbert C. Schulz's Ten Centuries of Manuscripts in the Huntington Library (1968), all published by the library, contain references to some of the collections listed above. A series of 4 volumes is now in progress: Guide to American Historical Manuscripts in the Huntington Library appeared in 1979. The Guide to British Historical Manuscripts in the Huntington Library should be published by 1982, as should the other two volumes in the series.


The Huntington Library specializes in four general areas of interest: British History, Literature (post-1600), American History, and Medieval and Renaissance manuscripts. Materials pertaining to Russia enter only peripherally in a few collections; therefore, the listings exclude data on total size and inclusive dates of holdings.

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