Wells Fargo History Archives


420 Montgomery Street
San Francisco CA 94104


The Corporate Archives of Wells Fargo and Company contain records for 1911–27 concerning accounts with and funds remitted to Russian banks. For example, there are references to the St. Petersburg (Petrograd) International Commercial Bank in the company's "Subsidiary Journal" (Foreign Bank Account Transaction Record; 4 vols., 1911–17), in the Wells Fargo and Co. Express "Bank Ledger" for 1916–27, and in 3 different parts of the records of the Treasurer's Office: "Summary of Foreign Postal Remittances," September 1912-May 1915, "Bank Balances" for September 1911-October 1916, and the "Foreign and Investment Bank Account," 1916–18. Records of the Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank contain a report of 5 June 1915 with an appended Schedule A which notes an account with the Commercial Bank of Siberia and a Schedule B noting funds remitted to the Russo-Asiatic Bank. Examination of materials requires prior permission from the archivist.

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