Diocese of the West

Orthodox Church in America


2040 Anza Street
San Francisco CA 94118


The Russian Orthodox Church has been in America since the eighteenth century, but it has been autocephalous only since 1970. An integral part of the Russian community in this country, the Church with its records provides invaluable information concerning preand post-1917 emigres of the Orthodox faith. The records of this diocese, extending from 1947 to the present, include materials on the diocese administration and all its affairs, relations with higher (Chancery) and lower (parish) authorities, emigre organizations, churchaffiliated groups, and the Council of Bishops. The Orthodox Church and its missions in Japan, Australia, South America, and elsewhere are subjects touched upon in this collection of correspondence, reports, files, account books, photographs, and printed material. There are also literary manuscripts. Among the more interesting topics covered in the papers are the Church's efforts to acquire the icon of Our Lady of Kazan in 1963 and its negotiations with the Moscow Patriarchate for autocephaly in 1969–70. The names of the metropolitans Ireney and Leonty and the Archbishop Ioann Skakhovskoi are mentioned in connection with various matters noted above. Permission from diocese authorities is necessary to use the collection, ca. 20 ft.

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