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Manuscript Holdings of the Military History Research Collection by Richard J. Sommers, 2 vols. to date (1972 and 1975). Available only through the Superintendent of Documents, GPO, Washington, D.C. 20402 (Stock nos. 008-029-00101–2 and 008-029-0093–8 respectively).


This facility holds over 300,000 books and more than 30,000 bound periodical volumes. Its manuscript holdings consist of 1,000 collections, aggregating over 9,000 boxes. Each year 500 more boxes of manuscripts are received.

In addition to the papers cited above, the Military History Institute has the papers of many army generals serving in NATO and the Pentagon during the Cold War. Their material, too, may well touch upon U.S.-Soviet relations. Researchers are invited to inquire about these holdings.

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