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Finding Aids

All of the preceding information came, as noted, from the Catalog of the Theatre and Drama Collections, 3 parts, 30 vols. (Boston: G. K. Hall, 1967), and from the 2 supplements issued in 1973.


The catalogue of these 2 collections lists an impressive amount of Russian/Soviet-related material under a variety of headings, 30 vols. The catalogue is divided into book and nonbook listings, but even the first section has unpublished items. The descriptions which follow, taken directly from the catalogue, differentiate material according to the way the catalogue lists them; this listing is not exhaustive.

Note: The collections include a number of phonodisc recordings of plays by Russian/ Soviet authors (e.g., Anton Chekhov). (See listings under "Theatre—Recordings.") There are also related materials—for ballets and musical works—in the New York Public Library's other collections for Music and Dance and in the holdings of the Manuscripts and Archives Division and Prints Division.

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