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Finding Aids

The Oral History Collection of Columbia University, edited by Elizabeth B. Mason and Louis M. Starr, 4th ed. (New York, 1979). Every memoir has a name index. In addition, a computerized name, subject, and topical index (combined) is in preparation but only for the memoirs available in microform (those labeled "Micro") at present.


Columbia's oral history project, begun by Professor Allan Nevins, was the first such endeavor in this country. It remains the largest collection. Some of the listings below, though given separately, are also part of larger group projects (e.g., the "Eisenhower Administration" interview project). The larger project is indicated in parentheses after the individual name. In many cases, Russian/Soviet-related information forms a very small part of a total interview. The designation "Micro" at the end of a listing means that the transcript is also available in microform from the New York Times Oral History Program (Microfilming Corporation of America in Sanford, North Carolina). Many research libraries around the country will have some or all of these microforms. PRCQ means permission required to cite or quote.

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