European Division

Library of Congress


The European Reading Room
Thomas Jefferson Bldg, Room LJ-249
101 Independence Ave, SE
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Manuscript materials in the Division have not been thoroughly processed. A brief examination of holdings revealed: ca. 46 scrolls from the 17th and 18th c; some original ukazy of Empress Anna Ivanovna, 1730s, a few with her autograph; draft of a law code prepared for Alexander I by the State Council, 1813–14; a number of photo albums with pictures of the Imperial family; reports and material relating to the White government at Omsk in the Civil War; material on the murder of the Imperial family at Ekaterinburg; Russian legal and political material, 39 files, pertaining to the legislative and other activities of the preKolchak and Kolchak governments in 1918–19 and to Kolchak himself; and the Iakhontov papers. The letter include not only the final printed texts of minutes of the debates in the Council of Ministers in 1914 but also Iakhontov's pencil notes on the discussions. These papers shed much light on Russian politics, particularly the question of Polish autonomy.

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